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Interview Naked News Producer Lucas Tyler & News Anchor Victoria Sinclair

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EVER  wondered what your favorite newscaster looks like naked? The creators of Naked News did and that was the simple concept that spurred the creation of one of the now top-rated international news networks in the world today. Naked News began in 1999 in Toronto Canada, and quickly spread to the U.S., Britain, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands in its first five years. Today, Naked News casts can be seen in 154 countries. "The evolution of Naked News through the years is nothing short of amazing. We're constantly tinkering with the format but one thing holds true and has held true since the beginning, it's a news show done naked, nothing more and nothing less" shares Lucas Tyler, Program Producer and one of the first male Naked News anchors. If male anchors had looked like Lucas when I was growing up, I might have been better informed far sooner. Needless to say, he's pretty damn hot! Me-ow!

Tyler says there was a little bit of a backlash here and there by opponents of any and all things naked, but the endurance of the program which continues to thrive and grow by leaps and bounds has proven beyond a doubt that the majority of people in the world would rather receive their spoonful of daily news from beautiful nude male and female forms. The success of Naked News has not gone unnoticed. "We've received many accolades over the years because we often surprise people with our content. The word 'naked' does make people's imaginations run wild but when they watch our program they realize the information they're getting is the same as their 6 and 11 o'clock news. Time Magazine once wrote that "Naked News has the best international coverage this side of the BBC."


If you're wondering about the vetting process for anchors at NN (for those potentially nude media goddesses), Tyler explains "We look for a variety of things including their looks, presentation skills, and personality. We'll have them read a short script from a teleprompter, naked of course, and then conduct an on-camera interview. If we like them we'll invite them back for a more intensive review." The anchors chosen are provided copy to read received from various news sources, sifted through and sorted by Tyler and several writers for the most relevant and informative bits of international information which is then read on camera, naked, by the anchor. These reports are seen daily by millions of viewers through multiple distribution channels such as the internet, iPhone, tablets, and television.


As NN evolves, more will be added and new features presented. Tyler teased about upcoming projects with masterful verbal foreplay. "With summer time approaching Naked News is extremely busy putting together new, interesting content for our audience. We're constantly researching, planning and shooting segments with a variety of our reporters. You'll have to stay tuned."




victoria 27m-200Naked News also attracts some of the best and brightest, not to mention the most beautiful women in the world to its office in downtown Toronto, Canada, to audition for one of the prestigious spots on their anchor desk. One of those ladies is Victoria Sinclair; the first female Naked News anchor and now the Public Relations Director. FashionErotica sat down to interview this amazing embodiment of intelligence, passion, sex appeal, and warmth.


FE: How long have you been an anchor for NN?


VS: I was the original anchor beginning with the pilot in May 1999 and then commencement of daily airing of the program since December 1999.


FE: What drew you to applying as a naked anchor?


VS: At the time, I had just passed 30 and was looking for a dramatic change in my life. I had enjoyed success in business for several years as a Marketing Manager for a consumer goods company when I began to wonder, is this as exciting as it gets? I happened to be in an intersecting social circle when I heard about the concept Naked News and was electrified by the idea. I had recently been to Europe and discovered several places where nudity was treated as something that was not only natural but felt fantastic! I am enough of an adventurer that every fiber of my being went on alert and said "this is it". I had to take this job and discover just what I was capable of in terms of communicating with a world audience while being completely naked. As personal challenges go, it's hard to top that.


FE: What is your educational background - where did you attend university?


VS: Business Administration at Ryerson in Toronto.


FE: What type of work had you done previous to working with NN?


VS: Marketing: consumer goods company. Event and Sponsorship Management.


FE: Did the idea of getting naked in front of the news camera intimidate you? How did you handle it?


VS: In the beginning I had a very difficult time reconciling the concept of being naked with the reality of being naked. Intellectually I believed that there is nothing wrong with displaying the naked body, and every reason in the world to enjoy looking at it – after all consider art throughout the ages. Personally I find the female form to be absolutely captivating and entirely deserving of admiration. That idea however, is completely different from actually removing your own clothes in public for the viewing pleasure of others. Fortunately, it was a very small studio and my relationship was directly with the camera and not a large crew milling about. I was also very aware, that as an internet program, the nature of viewing tends to be one person at a computer. When I realized I was actually talking to just one person at a time, it became much more meaningful and important to me. I think that has a lot to do with how I present myself and deliver the news, it's very direct and very aware, and more like a story telling event with an intimate, rather than making announcements to a faceless public.


FE: You are now the lead PR person and anchor, how has this changed your day to day functions as an anchor?


VS: Given the constant attention from other media outlets, this has always been a significant component of my job as the first International Internet News Anchor, as well as the first Naked News Anchor anywhere. Now, 12 years later, I have been fortunate to witness the evolution not only of Naked News the program, but its place on the internet and on the world stage.


FE: What is the typical day in the life of a NN anchor?


VS: Typically we receive our schedules a week or so ahead of time so on a regular basis we know what daily studio work, or interviews, or location shoots we need to be prepared for. When we arrive at work, individually we have a brief meeting with the producer, review our scripts with the writers or director if applicable and familiarize ourselves with the material as we are in makeup and wardrobe. In between studio times, we are all tied to our media devices either blogging, twittering, engaging with viewers on Facebook, as well as researching stories we are following or people to interview, or events to report on. There is some individual production work as we pursue our particular interests in the area of sports, internet developments, entertainment, gaming, personalities, musicians, comedians, authors, news. Just as a recent example, Naked News covers the Hot Docs Toronto film festival every spring which is one of my favorite events because it is such compelling storytelling on such a wide variety of subjects. Over the years some of my favorite docs have been Up the Yangtze, Diary of a Times Square Thief, and Big Boys Gone Bananas.


FE: What does it take to be a successful NN anchor?


VS: Charisma, courage, conviction, and a terrific sense of humor. That, of course is building on the obvious skill set of comprehension of a broad range of topics, engaging presentation skills, a healthy physique, confidence and a powerful curiosity about the world we live in. For the Naked News format, it's absolutely necessary to possess a cheerful sentiment that the naked female form is pleasing and powerful, and a lovely gift to share. That's a lot of C's isn't it? Clearly a coincidence ;)


FE: As an anchor for NN, what opportunities or interesting events have come your way? Travel? Interesting people you've met?


VS: Almost every day! Probably the most unique situation we enjoy is being part of the media and yet being in the very sharp and continuous focus of other media. There have been hundreds and hundreds of media interviews of Naked News in TV, Radio, Print, Internet, and countless discussions and references in blogs, social media by every major outlet Internationally. There is no doubt that Naked News has deeply imprinted the international psyche – almost everyone I meet can recall where they were in life when someone introduced them to Naked News, the internet sensation of the new millennia.


I have travelled many times to New York and LA as well as Milan, Seoul, and Mexico City. Some of the fun events were appearing on the game show To Tell the Truth (I won some cash! – no one guessed the Naked News Victoria Sinclair was me). Naturally, appearing on Howard Stern was an exhilarating event, his mention of NN propelled us from an underground cult hit to Nationwide feverish attention. I received a phone call from Hustler's Larry Flint in our first year to congratulate us on the delivery of a great idea (they later created their own version for the adult community). We have had stimulating interactions with Phil Donahue, The View, Playboy, etc. Naked News is discussed in novels and university courses, and of course, we never lack for eager interns both male and female.


FE: Did NN receive any negative backlash for the nude concept in any of the countries in which it is viewed?


VS: Surprisingly there has been minimal backlash. Naturally Naked News created a great deal of controversy and discussion because it challenged the traditional way people viewed naked women with lots to say, the news, and the internet. These conversations invariably reached the conclusion that although new, and a bit shocking, most people really found it to be far more fun and interesting than scandalizing. The advent of Naked News created an international situation where the world audience had their inherited ideas tested. It turned out that en masse, people were surprised to learn their own true personal views proved to be more expansive and tolerant than their unconsidered knee-jerk reaction. Of course there have been a few groups sprinkled here and there who have been quite vocal about their disagreement, however not one of them had any staying power. It turns out, Naked News programming is strong enough, and the women who are on camera are strong and confident enough, that criticism withers away in the face of our continued existence and success.


FashionErotica thanks Lucas Tyler and Victoria Sinclair of Naked News for taking time to conduct this interview. We are also proud to share our collaboration with NN and international photographer Bruce Colero in producing 15 Naked News segments titled "1 on 1; with Bruce Colero" featuring Colero's amazing photo shoots with gorgeous models wearing some of the most creative, edgy, and alternative fashions anywhere provided by FashionErotica and our network of unique, Haute Couture designers. Catch our interview with Bruce Colero here.



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This interview has been conducted by San Antonio-based freelance writer and author Michele Gwynn for Fashion Erotica Magazine. Michele pens a Sex and Relationships column as well as a National Animal Rights Column for She has conducted interviews with Showtime’s Gigolo Nick Hawk, international actor Rudolf Martin, former Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader and first female scout for the L.A. Lakers Bonnie-Jill Laflin, former UN Ambassador Sichan Siv, the cast of Broadway’s The Jersey Boys, HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, to name but a few. In addition, she has authored a science fiction short story, Harvest, and a children’s fiction, The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer available on Michele is currently working on her first full-length erotic novel which will be out in 2012.


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